Building a career as a physical literacy teacher

Working as a PE teacher is fun. It requires you to prepare PE planning in advance. Your teaching and behavior towards a child can shape up its physical and mental well-being. If you are starting out as a newly hired PE teacher, and you are not sure where to start—you can learn the tips and strategies to help you nail the teaching process as a first year physical literacy teacher:

Find a mentor:

When working as a first-year PE year, you should find and work with a mentor to shape up your teaching abilities. You should ask a school or PE center to assign you with a mentor. It will help you in understanding the nature and requirements of your job even better. If you have any concerns regarding your job, you can ask away from your mentor. A right mentor is responsible for navigating you throughout the process. It also helps you in identifying your strength and weaknesses that you can use to your advantage as a PE teacher.

Plan Extensively

Working as a first-time PE teacher could be overwhelming. You will never know what kind of students or colleagues you would work with. You should plan the teaching syllabus in advance. You should create detailed lesson plans for your students. You should also prepare handouts and worksheets to keep your students engaged in a classroom. You should also know how to manage a class in a crisis mode.

Save some time for yourself

When working as a first-time PE teacher, you will be stressed and tired easily and so PE planning is essential. Teaching can be exhausting, and it requires you to save some time for yourself to prepare yourself for the next day of teaching. If you don’t slow down; it would slow down your efficiency and performance as a teacher. You should treat yourself to a good night sleep before reporting to school. Or, you should visit a spa weekly to calm down your nerves.